Plant Notes: Dwarf Japanese Maple ‘ Waterfall’, soft, cascading foliage

This small layered tree slowly maturing into a six-foot high and a ten- foot spread plant creates a layered rounded form with lacy foliage in a hue of muted lime- green, much like a waterfall of greenery. Autumn brings a blaze of Fall color of copper, orange and red followed by a sculptured Winter form that makes it a beautiful four season plant.

The Dwarf Japanese Maple ‘Waterfall’ ( Acer palmatum dissectum ‘Waterfall’ )  cultivar has a deeply cut leaf that creates the soft lacy appearance . It tolerates the intense heat of Summer better that many of its dwarf cut leaf cousins, but does requires a well-drained soil with adequate mulch and irrigation during drought.

Dwarf Japanese Maple ' Waterfall'

Dwarf Japanese Maple ‘ Waterfall’

I find it very effective as an accent plant and when located at the top of an elevated wall, its limbs do actually cascaded over the edge softing the lines of the wall and playing fine textured leaves on the wall material. Whether you have a formal balanced landscape/garden or a loose flowing organic one, Dwarf Japanese Maple ‘Waterfall’ will find itself at home bringing a feeling of refinement to either.

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