Baby Boomer Slow Down


My landscape is a breeze 

It has been happening slowing but surely that just as myself my Baby Boomer clients are maturing into a time of their lives where their desire or abilities have morphed. One of the most repeated input parameters is that I want less or no maintenance in my landscape. This changes the direction of how I scheme their outdoor spaces.

It has evolved that more of the space is developed into usable hardscape area and plantings that require less maintenance. This doesn’t mean the elimination of plantings in the process, just a more client specific planting design.  The Baby Boomer landscape is used as a space to relax, entertain and live life in close proximity to nature by creating outdoor rooms with less energy expended. I still have the plant enthusiast who want to spend their leisure time tending a lush diverse garden of plantings.  This provides them with a physical activity to keep the bones and connective tissue flexible through an outdoor activity while bringing some beauty into this world. There isn’t a right or wrong to this just a demographic observation that as a designer of thirty-seven years I am acutely aware of.

When you are thinking about the designing or redesigning of your Homescape just have an honest dialogue with yourself of what you are wanting from your outdoor space and how much energy along with your abilities to maintain it. Maybe like me you are ready for some smooth sailing into our sunset years.

I wish you fair winds!

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