Bob Elam is a landscape designer that has been focusing on residential design since 1978. He is state certified in landscape design, landscape contracting and is a certified nurseryman. He also holds a national certification with the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. His basic design philosophy is one of personalized landscape/garden design achieved by blending the client’s unique taste and style, the architecture of their home, and the specific environmental conditions of the home site.

Time to reflect:   “While camping with my family in the North Carolina mountains, I had a ah ha moment as my kids started asking for paper to journal their experiences. It brought back memories of my own personal nature/design journals I kept for years. I realized how jotting down observations made me look more closely at details and gave me a greater appreciation of what ever I was involved with. I hope this blog will allow me to share with others and help me focus on some of the details that shape our personal environments. I also plan to dust off my leather-bound notebook and start making some more entries and hope you might do the same. Some of the most amazing experiences don’t require a long trip to far away destinations, they lay at our feet in our own backyards.”

                                                                                                                          Bob Elam, APLD